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Crohn's Desease
Weight loss, high blood pressure
Steven W
Grave's Disease
Kristen R
Ulcerative Colitis
Stage 4 Cancer
Susie Manfredi
Severe Autoimmune Problem
Breciana G
Weight Loss
Penny Bright
Depression, Anger, Anxiety
Stephanie C
Thyroid function, Migraine Pain
Lupe and Maria
Low Thyroid & Gut Issues
Maria S

How It Works

Steps to defy age and sickness.

Root Cause Assessment

Take a Free 4 body system root cause assessment to learn what might be out of place.

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Wellness Plan

The best plan is determined based on your assessment results and consultation with the doctor.


Our labs are designed to identify more accurately the root cause of the imbalances revealed in the assessment results.

Therapeutic Considerations

Based on your lab results, a personalized protocol is created.

Circulatory Balance

Hormonal Balance

Digestive Balance

Brain Balance

The Difference

The I.W. Method Wellness Program is designed to promote the repairing and restoring process, helping to correct the underlying causes of chronic diseases and dysfunctions. The I.W. Method is different from the traditional medical model of treatment, by finding the root causes of system dysfunctions. Each I.W. Method Wellness Program is personalized to the patient's specific needs based on each person's unique circumstances

Circulatory Balance

Hormonal Balance

Digestive Balance

Brain Balance

The I.W. Method

• Follows a natural approach where cleansing of the healing pathways (the body's natural ability to heal) takes place leading to true restoration of health.

• Uses individualized protocols with only the highest quality, safest, organic, medical grade nutraceuticals.

• Follows a holistic approach to health that balances the chemicals in the four major body systems. Concise functional test ranges are used to develop wellness plans, preventing further damage.

• Uses an integrative approach to help identify the root cause of dysfunctions, provides explanations for a variety of “mystery” symptoms, and identifies chemical imbalances early for prevention of future health issues.

• Patient is proactive and develops a preventive mindset through proper education within our online program.

Traditional Approach

• Uses prescription medications and procedures as treatments. Medications normally mask symptoms, maintaining current health but no real healing is achieved. Frequently, a procedure or surgery is performed on the affected area but the root causes are still not identified, causing the domino effect of damage in other body systems.

• Uses broad lab ranges (clinical ranges), following standard medical protocol, relying only on a diagnosis to determine treatment decisions

• Mystery symptoms don't get resolved after many visits to different doctors who say, “Labs are normal,” or, “It's all in your head”.

• Patient is passive or reactive to treatment.