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Thyroid Disease

“Thyroid Dysfunction is the most misdiagnosed condition because the root cause is often overlooked”
– Julio “Dr. J” Jimenez

Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Sleepless Nights?

Is a Thyroid Condition Impacting Your Health?

What we have found is that the traditional medical community and the tests associated with Thyroid Dysfunction Symptoms miss opportunities to identify the root cause that is creating the Thyroid Dysfunction.


Approximately 750 million people worldwide are affected by thyroid disorders. The condition is literally reaching epidemic proportions and yet, it is all too frequently misdiagnosed.  


If you are experiencing symptoms of Thyroid Dysfunction or are currently diagnosed with a thyroid problem and are looking for answers instead of medications schedule a free discovery call. 


Let our staff explain how we have helped thousands with Thyroid Dysfunction and why our method is a fresh step in the right direction.


The Difference

The I.W. Method Wellness Program is designed to promote the repairing and recovery process to help correct the underlying causes of chronic diseases and dysfunctions. The I.W. Method is different from the traditional medical model of treatment, by finding the root causes of system dysfunctions. Each I.W. Method Wellness Program is personalized to your specific needs based on your uniqueness. 

Traditional Approach

-Uses prescription medications and procedures as treatments. Medications normally mask symptoms, maintaining health but no real healing is achieved. Frequently, a procedure or surgery is performed on the affected area but the root causes continue are still not identified, causing the domino effect of damages in other areas.

-Follows standard medical protocol relying only on diagnosis of a disease to a prescription drug, using broad lab ranges (clinical ranges) to determine treatment decisions.

-Mystery symptoms don’t get resolved after many visits to different doctors because “labs are normal” or “It’s all on in the head”.

-Patient is passive or reactive to treatment.

-Limits appointments to 5-10 minutes, not leaving enough time to get to the real problem.

-Relies on what the insurance does or does not cover.

The I.W. Method

-Follows a natural approach where cleansing of the healing pathways (the natural ability of the body to heal) takes place leading to true restoration of health. Uses individualized protocols with only the best quality and safest, organic, medical grade nutriceuticals.

-Follows a holistic approach to health that balances the chemicals in the four major body systems. Uses concise functional test ranges to develop a plan, preventing further damage.

-Uses an integrative approach that helps identify the root cause, giving an explanation for a variety of “mystery” symptoms, indicating problems that are in the making and identifying these chemical imbalances early.

-Patient is proactive and develops a preventive mindset through proper education within our online program.

-30 minute to 1 hour appointments get to the heart of the matter, identify root causes and correct underlying sources of chronic diseases and dysfunctions.

-Offers affordable financing options for individualized programs, not limited by the dictates of insurance companies.

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