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Julio "Dr. J." Jimenez

“Imagine a future filled with an abundance of health and vibrance.” 


Fitness and exercise along with customized nutritional protocols are essential in our I.W. Method.


Hormones play a major role in one's overall physical and mental wellbeing. Hormone testing for proper balancing is another step in the restoration process.


Nutritional education along with customized nutritional protocols to start the restoration process throughout your systems.

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Balancing the gastrointestinal systems through detoxification and proper nutrition to aid in the restoration process of your systems.


Specialized testing to expose the predispositions of your genetic makeup, along with individualized genetic supplementation to aid in balancing the systems.

Julio "Dr. J." Jimenez

“Imagine a future filled with an abundance of health and vibrance.” 

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The Difference

The I.W. Method Wellness Program is designed to promote the repairing and recovery process to help correct the underlying causes of chronic diseases and dysfunctions. The I.W. Method is different from the traditional medical model of treatment, by finding the root causes of system dysfunctions. Each I.W. Method Wellness Program is personalized to your specific needs based on your uniqueness.

Traditional Approach

Follows standard medical protocol relying on TSH Test Only

Uses clinical ranges instead of functional ranges for diagnosis & treatment

Prescribing medications based on broad inactive hormone thyroid levels

The I.W. Method

Thorough specialized thyroid blood testing, nutritional protocols, fitness regime, education and individualized supplementation.

Uses functional test ranges that are concise indicating thyroid system conversion and dysfunction.

Individualized Nutraceutical Supplementation protocol to promote conversion of inactive thyroid hormones to Active thyroid hormones.

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