Terms and Conditions


THIS AGREEMENT is made effective the date that it is executed by the client (“Client”) and is between the Client and Imagine Wellness Centre (“Clinic”). Jointly, the Client and the Clinic are identified as the "Parties."

These TERMS and CONDITIONS will be effective as a binding agreement between the Client and the Clinic during the duration of all Programs purchased by the Client.

1. Offer and Acceptance

By submitting an Order for one or more services (“Programs”) in person or through the Clinic's website, the Client offers to purchase those Programs from the Clinic subject to these TERMS and CONDITIONS (“Terms and Conditions”).

2. Services

When the Clinic accepts your Order, the Clinic shall provide the Client with each service included in Client's Program Order in accordance with the descriptions and specifications stated in the Order for each Program ordered.
The Clinic will be deemed to have provided the Program to the Client by, to the extent applicable to the Program:
A. Shipping all required testing kits to the Client,
B. Shipping all required nutraceuticals, detox, probiotics, vitamins, supplements, and other supplies relevant to the Program the Client ordered,
C. Providing the Client with reasonable access to all doctor visits and staff appointments online, and
D. Ensuring that a doctor or staff person, as appropriate, appears for and participates in all scheduled meetings with the Client as determined by the Program the Client ordered.

The Clinic is not obligated to provide additional goods or services to a Client beyond those specified in the Program the Client purchased, regardless of any need the Client may have for additional goods and/or services.

3. Payment

Any and all fees for Programs provided pursuant to this Agreement will, unless otherwise expressly agreed upon by the parties in the Order, be due and payable at the beginning of the Program.

4. Additional Payment Terms

If a credit or debit card, PayPal, or other form of electronic payment ("Electronic Payment") is used to pay for a Program, the Client hereby authorizes the Clinic to charge the credit card or other form of Electronic Payment that the Client has provided to the Clinic or its payment processor. The Clinic and its payment processor (a) may keep the card or other Electronic Payment information on file and (b) may, without prior notification, automatically charge the Client in accordance with the schedule stated in the Program or as otherwise indicated at checkout, unless the date or amount changes, in which case the Client will receive notice 10 days in advance of the change. The Client must provide a back-up form of payment if the first form of Electronic Payment does not process or declines. The Client's refusal to authorize any form of payment or any attempt to dispute an Electronic Payment properly processed under these terms of service will be a material breach of these Terms and Conditions.

The Client shall pay the Clinic a $25.00 late fee for each payment the Client fails to pay the Clinic in full within 10 days of the applicable pay-by date. The Client acknowledges that this late fee is fair compensation to the Clinic for the increased administrative costs and other expenses a late payment may cause the Clinic.

5. Refunds

All sales are final, and no refunds will be issued if the Client decides not to complete a Program that was purchased from the Clinic.

6. Client's Duties

This Agreement contemplates full Client cooperation in the course of the Program. This cooperation includes Client's agreement to remain active in the Program for the time period specified by the Program. The Client recognizes that compliance with the Program is important and the Client agrees to follow the Program. The Client understands that lack of cooperation, failure to keep appointments, failure to follow exercise and other recommendations engaging in activities identified by the Clinic as potentially injurious or traumatic to the body may necessitate additional programs beyond the specific Program that was purchased.

7. No Guarantee of Results

Client acknowledges and agrees that there is no guarantee of results. The Client further agrees that payment of the relevant Program fee only entitles the Client to receive the lab services, nutraceuticals, detox, probiotics, vitamins, supplements, and other supplies associated with that Program, along with an allocated amount of time of the Clinic's staff. In no way is the payment of the Program fee contingent upon the outcome of that Program for the Client.

8. No Insurance Coverage

Client fully understands that the Clinic will not be billing any insurance company for any Program that the Client orders. The Clinic will supply a “general receipt” for payments received and will not supply any billing information or ICD codes for insurance billing purposes.

9. Rescheduling Policy

The Clinic may, on one or more occasions, reschedule any appointment by providing the Client with a notice of the new date and time at least 48 hours before the appointment was otherwise scheduled to occur, or as soon as practical if the Clinic is affected by an emergency.

The Client may request that the Clinic reschedule an appointment by providing the Clinic with a notice containing a request to reschedule at least 48 hours before the scheduled appointment time, or as soon as practical if the Client is affected by an emergency. Within a reasonable time of receiving such a request from the Client, the Clinic will coordinate with the Client to reschedule the appointment.

If the Client fails to attend an appointment within ten (10) minutes of the scheduled time and did not request to reschedule, the Clinic will not be obligated to reschedule that appointment and will be deemed to have fulfilled its obligations for that appointment with respect to the Client's Program.

10. Expiration

All Programs are intended to be completed within a specific period of time, as described in the Program plan. Any Programs not completed within thirty (30) days of the time period specified in the Program plan will be considered expired and no longer valid.

11. Amendments

The Clinic may amend these Terms and Conditions on one or more occasions. All amendments will be effective immediately when the Clinic publishes the Amended Terms and Conditions on its Website and emails the amended Terms and Conditions to the Client. The amendments will become effective regardless of whether the Client acknowledges receipt of the amended Terms and Conditions or not.

12. Arbitration

The Client agrees that any controversy between the parties regarding the construction, application, or performance of any Programs under these Terms and Services and any claim arising out of or relating to these Terms and Services or their breach, shall be submitted to binding arbitration with The National Center for Life and Liberty, or a similar entity capable of providing a third party arbitrator, as the sole means of resolution of any claim. The Client agrees to waive any right to bring any form of action outside of the binding arbitration proceeding described herein.

13. Complete Agreement

These Terms and Conditions constitute the complete and total agreement between the Client and the Clinic and replace all other prior agreements between the Parties, whether verbal or written, until or unless these Terms and Conditions are later amended as described herein.
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