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What does D.PSc. stand for?

It stands for Doctor in Pastoral Science.  Besides the Chiropractic Board of Examiners, Dr. Jimenez D.C. is licensed under the PMA (Pastoral Medical Association) to practice in the State of Texas.  The Pastoral Medical Association {hereinafter “PMA”} is a self-governing ecclesiastical jurisdiction that has as its purpose the furtherance of scripture-based health concepts referred to as Pastoral Science and Medicine, {hereinafter “PSM”}.  The PMA operates under its own Constitution and by-laws {hereinafter “Documents”} which provides that PMA licensed practitioners {hereinafter “Licensees} may share PSM concepts with individuals who agree to the terms and conditions in this agreement.

Every person that Dr. Jimenez D.C. coaches will have the opportunity to voluntarily become a member of this private ecclesiastical organization giving them the ability to cost effectively and easily complain about services rendered by Dr. Jimenez D.C. or his Imagine Wellness Centre if they wanted to do so, as the PMA provides these services. Dr. Jimenez D.C. agrees with the PMA constitution and by-laws advocating restoring divine wisdom to healthcare, offering only natural, non-invasive programs for gaining and preserving wellness through broad lifestyle enrichment.

Click here for a downloadable PDF version of this PMA information.

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