What is Holistic Medicine?

There are many false conceptions about what exactly constitutes holistic medicine, so let’s try and explain it in everyday terms. Holistic in its most basic definition simply means that things are connected. When assessing an ailment or illness, a holistic doctor will try to evaluate the entire person, which will include the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of that person.

This is a much different approach to the way in which a traditional doctor might tackle a problem. The best way to explain this would be if a patient presented with frequent and regular migraines. A traditional physician’s first reaction might be to prescribe some form or medication which targets the migraines. A holistic doctor, however, would not only deal with the issue presented, but also try to ascertain the cause of the problem, and then try to prevent that problem at source.

The options available to a holistic doctor are extensive and varied, including the use of traditional medication, ascertaining spiritual practices and beliefs, assessing the patient’s diet, stress levels and maybe even their sleep patterns. This will then provide the holistic doctor with significantly more information with which to work. The theory is similar to a vacuum cleaner for instance. If the filter in a vacuum cleaner has become blocked, then the machine will not be as efficient at its job, and the motor will have to work twice or three times as hard to achieve fifty percent of the result. In holistic terms, if the person is not getting enough sleep, has a poor diet and is highly stressed, these could all be factors, that are contributing to the migraine problems.

Think of holistic medicine as complementary and additional to traditional medicine. By dealing with the whole problem, rather than just the symptoms, holistic medicine offers positive and alternative solutions.

Is Holistic Medicine The Best Choice For You Personally?

The answer to this question can only be answered by the patient. The first thing to realize is that by venturing down the holistic route, you are making decisions that will affect your lifestyle, and decisions that you need to commit to fully. For example, you may need to change your diet, or perhaps learn about and utilize meditation. Not every part of the solution will be achieved by taking a tablet, for instance.

When it comes to getting dealing medical conditions, most people are reactive, rather than proactive, so when they feel a small twinge in their shoulder joint, they won’t actually do anything about it until that pain has drastically increased, becoming almost unbearable. Then and only then will they visit their doctor, at which point they may have caused much more damage, than had they sought advice earlier. By choosing the holistic route, you are taking back control of your life and health. You are becoming the driver in your life rather than the passenger.

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