What is Cancer?

The general term “cancer” is used to designate a malignant tumor or neoplasm, or new growth. The continuous process of cell division is guided by the genetic code that is contained in the DNA of the cell nucleus. This orderly process can be lost as the result of a mutation, particularly when the mutation occurs in a regulatory gene. Cell growth may form malignant tumors when normal gene control is lost. Thus, the misguided cell and its tumor tissue represent normal cell growth that has gone wrong. Cancer tumors are identified by their primary site of origin, their stage or tumor size and the presence of metastasis, and their grade.

Traditional Approach

The way we normally react to cancer in traditional medicine once we are diagnosed is to proceed with the removal of the lump(s), then enduring rounds of chemotherapy using strong medications for your body and lastly wait until the body responds in a positive or negative way even though these medications’ main side effect is decreasing the body immune system. Doctors generally suggest a change in the patient’s diet, avoiding the most common unhealthy o processed foods. For most cancer patients, it is very hard to accommodate a lifestyle change when there is not a step by step nutritional guide and don’t know what foods are harming their system. To this, there is the added psychological and physical exhaustion for a patient who is battling the disease.

A Natural Approach to Cancer

On the other hand, the way to be proactive against cancer is to manage every cell of your body in a way that contributes to its natural healing and restoration. The body has a divine ability to heal itself if we give it the right nutrition. Based on that, cancer may be conquered by changing the Lifestyle in conjunction with traditional medicine, increasing cancer survivability rates and consequently lowering cancer recurrence rates.

There are 3 phases to cancer: Initiation, promotion and progression. 

Initiation is the point at which mutagen causes irreversible damage to DNA. 

Promotion is caused by an agent that triggers the mutated cell to grow and reproduce. 

Progression is the phase during which the cancer cells advance and become a malignant tumor that is capable of metastasizing. 

At Imagine Wellness Centre, we use these 3 phases in a proactive manner:

  • WE Initiate the health: Detox protocol, (supplements, foods, elimination,etc..) CLEANSE Phase.
  • WE promote the health: Cancer fighting supplements, Cancer fighting POWER foods, Juicing regimen. Nurturing Phase.
  • WE progress the health: Long term maintenance period with an anti-inflammatory diet, continue eliminating harmful factors, and maintenance supplements. Maintenance Phase.

Susceptible to Cancer?

Often, cancers are hereditary, meaning there is a predisposition to the disease, but that it needs to be triggered by an environmental factor. Cancers can develop from free radicals that harm DNA or the immune system. Free radicals are created as the result of an oxidative process triggered by sources such as chemical toxins and certain fats in the diet; from viruses, exposure to industrial pollutants and the chemicals including pesticides, herbicides, toxins in household products, food dyes, and cigarette smoke; and as a result of radiation exposure from X-rays, nuclear waste, electronic devices, and dental enamel caps. No exposure is too small to initiate cellular damage. The cumulative effect from various sources of cancer-causing substances stresses the immune system. The genetic testing will give us a perfect picture of how much disposition you have from your ancestors to contract cancer and how you can take preventive steps as you follow the guidelines of our professional team at Imagine Wellness Centre.

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Susie is a living testimonial that the battle with cancer can be fought and won this way.  She is now free of Stage 4 Terminal Liver cancer after four months of being diagnosed!

Lucinda had a really difficult time with colon cancer recovery.  After learning proper nutrition from Dr. J, she no longer suffers from severe pain and is no longer home bound.  She is feeling much better and has her strength and life back!