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Health Tips for Busy Bees

Here are my leading five tips on how to remain on track with all of your health goals, while additionally conquering everything else there is going on in your hectic routine.

Know go-to meals

Have a list of around two to three dinners, lunches, and breakfasts, that you know are fit, easy, and fast for your calorie and nutrient needs. As you’re in a hurry the last thing you really want to do is to get on Instagram then try to create a gourmet dish. Find a couple of options you like and stick to them. It’s good to get a broad array of nutrients; therefore, be certain to pack as many colors into those go-to meals as possible.

Arrange exercise into your day like it’s a meeting

You wouldn’t miss a meeting just because you did not feel like it would you? Jot it down in your agenda, phone, or piece of paper, and cross it off as you finish it. Exercise is critical, particularly for the busy individual. Exercise is an excellent method of relieving mental stress. Studies show exercise will help you reduce your stress hormones and boost your mood.

Plan grocery lists

I know this sounds counterproductive. You don’t have the time to sit and prepare a grocery list, you’re too busy for that. Just trust me, spending a couple of minutes to prepare what meals you’ll be having that week is going to be so worth it. If you don’t have time to visit the grocery store, order the groceries on the internet while you’re on a lunch break, and pick them up on your way home. Preparing what you’re having every day of the week gets rid of that time to sit and think, what can I make in my kitchen? Also, it prevents those runs through the drive-thru.

Create foods in bulk

I always attempt to get at least two to three meals out of each item I create. If you’re prepared to have shrimp tacos for supper, be certain to prepare enough to have shrimp in a salad for lunch. I’ll do the same thing with my vegetables and complex carbs. I’ll prepare diced sweet potatoes, and have it with kale and eggs, the following day for lunch in a quinoa and chicken bowl then the following day inside a breakfast taco. Containers are actually your best friend. Prepare an array of foods, separate them in containers, grab, and then go!

Have a balanced pre-prepared snack

I see this all of the time in my busy-bee patients. They run all day long then as soon as they have the chance they’ll gorge and consume way too many calories. Usually, those calories aren’t from the most high-quality choices. Set yourself up for success then have a healthy choice with you at all times. I suggest a hummus, carrots, and KIND bar, or peanut butter and fruit to go.

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