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Cancer Treatment Alternatives That Are Worth Giving A Try

The following five alternative cancer procedures have proven to be promising at helping patients with cancer. Consult your healthcare provider if you are curious about trying:


This is a state of deep concentration as you focus the mind on one idea (like a positive thought), sound, or image. While meditating, you also might do relaxation or deep-breathing exercises. Meditation might assist folks with cancer by alleviating stress and anxiety.

Generally, meditation is safe. It’s possible to meditate by yourself for a couple of minutes one or two times per day or it’s possible to take a class along with an instructor.

Music therapy

In a music therapy session, you may play instruments, listen to music, write lyrics, or sing songs. A trained therapist might lead you through activities that are made to meet your unique needs, or you might get involved in music therapy within a group setting. Music therapy might assist in relieving pain and controlling vomiting and nausea.

This type of therapy is safe and does not require any musical talent to get involved. Most medical centers have certified therapists on-site.

Relaxation methods

Relaxation methods are ways to focus your attention on calming the mind and relaxing the muscles. Relaxation methods may involve activities like progressive muscle relaxation or visualization exercises.

Relaxation methods might be useful in alleviating fatigue and anxiety. They also may help patients with cancer rest better.

Relaxation methods are safe. Usually a therapist leads the patient through the exercises and ultimately you might have the ability to do them by yourself or with the assistance of guided relaxation recordings.

Tai chi

It’s a type of exercise which incorporates deep breathing and gentle movements. Tai chi may be led by an instructor, or it is possible to learn tai chi by yourself following videos or books. Practicing tai chi might assist in relieving stress.

Generally, Tai chi is safe. Tai Chi’s soft movements do not require a lot of physical strength, and the exercises may easily be adapted to your own capabilities. Still, speak with your physician before you start tai chi. Do not do any tai chi moves which produce pain.


Yoga blends deep breathing with stretching exercises. In a yoga session, you’ll position the body in a variety of poses which require stretching, twisting, and bending. There are several kinds of yoga, each with its own variants.

This form of exercise might offer some stress relief for those who suffer with cancer. Yoga also has been proven to reduce fatigue and improve sleep.

Before starting a yoga class, ask your physician to suggest an instructor who consistently works with folks who have health concerns, like cancer. Avoid poses which produce pain. An excellent instructor may offer you alternative yoga poses which are safe for you.

You might find some alternative procedures work well together. For example, deep breathing in a massage might offer more stress relief.

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