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The Main Myth of Thyroid Issues

Do you recall that old saying: calories in equals calories out? It’s definitely FALSE if your thyroid isn’t balanced.

If you exercise more, can you lose weight?

You visit your healthcare provider, as well as inform him or her that you are experiencing problems losing weight and you hear that classic “if you simply exercise more and consume less food everything is going to be just fine”. Therefore, you do it, it does not work and then you blame yourself and give up. You know what? It isn’t true.

The present medical ‘normal ranges’ now are almost ten years outdated!

What is the new range?

If your thyroid-stimulating hormone, or TSH is high, your thyroid isn’t working. But the new range now is 0.5 to 2.5 or 3.0, and NOT the 0.5 to 5.0 the majority of physicians are utilizing as a guide. There consists of millions of men, as well as women who have low thyroid who need treatment or support who are being ignored by their healthcare providers.

The AACE changed the range several years ago but the majority of doctors, as well as labs still utilize the old range.

What are the classical symptoms of hypothyroidism?

Weight gain, fatigue, a reduction in mental sharpness, depression, muscle and joint aches and pains, insomnia, loss of libido, cold sensitivity, hair loss, recurrent infections, as well as high cholesterol are just a few of the symptoms of low thyroid or hypothyroidism. The majority of women who have hypothyroidism even can have a history of miscarriages, as well as infertility.

Where is the thyroid gland?

The thyroid gland– shaped like a butterfly, is situated in the front of the neck and is the metabolism controller for your body. The gland generates hormones that allow each cell of the body to use, as well as produce energy. If your thyroid gland is under active, the end result is a gradual slowing of the metabolism. In addition, the thyroid gland works with the remainder of your ‘hormone symphony’ in order to regulate wellness.

When should you see a doctor?

You ought to see a physician who treats you like an individual, has respect for your belief systems and goals, as well as attempts to discover that ‘sweet spot’ of where you have the optimal weight, best energy, as well as that ‘thrive not survive’ vitality feeling. YES-it’s possible. We actually do it every day!

How does the doctor help you?

Imagine Wellness works with you, intently listening to your explanation of your symptoms and evaluating your hormones to discover your personal best. If you have hypothyroidism symptoms, we might suggest a trial of thyroid medicine or offer a nutrition plan and/or supplementation that supports optimal function of your thyroid.

We actually treat patients instead of lab values. We’ll closely observe you, as well as check your thyroid lab values until all symptoms are resolved.
For more information about our San Antonio functional medicine facility please feel free to get in touch with Imagine Wellness right away!

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