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Cancer Treatments Alternatives Worth Trying

These 5 cancer treatment alternatives have shown promise in assisting folks who have cancer. Speak with your physician if you are interested in trying:


In an acupuncture session, a practitioner inserts small needles into the skin at exact points. Research shows acupuncture might be useful at alleviating nausea that is caused by chemotherapy. Acupuncture also may aid in relieving specific kinds of pain in those who have cancer.

It’s safe if it is done by a licensed practitioner who uses sterile needles. Ask the healthcare provider for names of reputable practitioners. Acupuncture is not safe if you have low blood counts or are using blood thinners; therefore, first check with your physician.


This type of therapy utilizes fragrant oils to offer a calming feeling. Oils that are infused with scents like lavender, may be applied to the skin while having a massage, or the oils may be added to your bathtub water. Also, fragrant oils can be heated to release their scents inside the air. Aromatherapy might be useful in alleviating stress, pain, and nausea.

Aromatherapy may be done by a practitioner, or it’s possible to use aromatherapy by yourself. Aromatherapy is safe, although oils applied to the skin may cause allergic reactions. Those who have cancer that’s estrogen sensitive, like some breast cancers, ought to avoid applying larger quantities of tea tree oil and lavender oil to your skin.


Exercise might assist you in managing symptoms and signs after and during cancer treatment. Gentle exercise might aid in relieving stress and fatigue and help you rest better. Research now shows that an exercise routine might help those who have cancer live longer, as well as improve their quality of life.

If you have not already been regularly exercising, check with your physician before beginning an exercise regimen. Start gradually, adding more exercises as you go. Strive to work your way up to a minimum of thirty minutes of exercise on most days of the week.


It’s a deep state of concentration. In a session, the therapist might hypnotize you by speaking in a gentle voice and assisting you to relax. Then, the therapist will help you concentrate on goals, like reducing your stress and controlling your pain.

Hypnosis might useful for those who have cancer who are suffering pain, anxiety, and stress. It also may help to prevent anticipatory vomiting and nausea which may occur if chemotherapy has made you ill in the past. As done by a certified therapist, it’s safe.


In a massage, the practitioner kneads your muscles, skin, and tendons in an effort to alleviate muscle stress and tension and promote relaxation. Multiple massage techniques exist. Massage may be gentle and light, or it may be deep with more pressure.

Research has found massage may be useful in alleviating pain in those who have cancer. It also may help alleviate stress, fatigue, and anxiety.

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