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Best Diet to Promote Thyroid Health

Folks are becoming more aware of the critical aspect of thyroid health, and that is a good thing. Like everything affecting the body, what you eat may make a big difference.

Here’s a fast reminder: There are two primary thyroid health problems the majority of people experience problems with. Hyperthyroidism: it’s an overactive thyroid. However, most folks have the opposite, hypothyroidism– an underactive thyroid. Underactive means the tiny butterfly-shaped gland does not generate sufficient thyroid hormones, which may slow metabolism down and make you feel sluggish and tired all of the time.

Here is where food comes in: The thyroid requires certain nutrients to properly handle its job; therefore, if you consume the proper foods, you essentially will be offering it fuel to rev up the production of hormones. (There also are some food sources you may want to stay away from to protect the thyroid…however, that is another complex subject we will get into in another article, soon!) Below are a few to begin with.


Yummy! An excuse to eat briny, delicious oysters. Those delectable mollusks are one of the best dietary zinc sources, and zinc assists your body in producing the vital thyroid hormone T3. They also are high in selenium, an additional mineral that is involved in thyroid hormone synthesis.

Brazil Nuts

And speaking of selenium, these types of nuts are loaded with it, and aren’t you bored with almonds at this point? One study showed diets that are low in selenium were related to an increased thyroid disease risk.


Sea vegetables are robust in several minerals, particularly iodine, which is crucial for the generation of thyroid hormones. In fact, kelp is so robust in iodine that it might be too much for those who have hyperthyroidism; therefore, first consult your doctor if that is your problem.

Greek Yogurt

You might be shocked, yet yogurt also is an excellent iodine source. And since it also is a probiotic superfood, you will be also getting the gut health benefits. That is essential because most thyroid problems are caused by autoimmune disease, and healing the immune system is about healing the gut.

Eggs have a mixture of thyroid supporting nutrients, which includes zinc, selenium, vitamin D, iron, and iodine.


Antioxidants are vital for many reasons, and they might be great for your thyroid, as well. Research determined that those who have thyroid disease had greater levels of free radicals that threatened their well-being. Berries offer free radical-battling powers.


No, I am not going to tell you that you cannot consume kale if you are experiencing problems with Hashimoto’s. While cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, kale, and cabbage contain goitrogens, compounds which may interfere with thyroid function, the proof thus far shows that isn’t an issue unless you are consuming them by the bucketful. Its benefits still outweigh its risks. If you are concerned, though, eat your spinach! It is just as good, is lower in goitrogens, as well as contains thyroid-supporting nutrients such as antioxidants and iron.

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