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6 Symptoms of a Problematic Immune System

As your immune system is on point, it is a lifesaver. However, as good as it might be, it isn’t perfect. Occasionally, this group of special tissues, cells, and organs does not act the way it ought to.

At least eighty sicknesses are caused by problems with the immune system. They all can cause inflammation. However, do you know the additional warning signs? Remember that these potential clues may occur for several other reasons. To discover what is happening with your health, you will want to visit an integrative medicine clinic.

Cold Hands

If blood vessels are inflamed, it may be more difficult for your toes, fingers, nose, and ears to stay warm. The skin within these regions might turn white, and then blue, when you are exposed to the cold. As blood flow returns, your skin then may turn red.

Physicians refer to this “Raynaud’s phenomenon.” Immune system issues may cause it, yet so can additional things, which include some prescription traditional ways, smoking, and conditions affecting the arteries.

Bathroom Issues

Diarrhea which lasts more than two to four weeks may be a warning sign that the immune system is endangering the lining of your digestive tract or small intestine.

Constipation is also a concern. If your bowel movements are difficult to pass, extremely firm, or look as if they are comprised of small rabbit pellets, the immune system might be forcing the intestine to slow down. Other potential causes include viruses, bacteria and additional health conditions.

Dry Eyes

If you’re experiencing an autoimmune disorder, it means the immune system attacks the body rather than defending it. Two examples include lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Many folks with an autoimmune disorder discover that they have dry eyes. You may feel a gritty, sandy feeling like something is inside your eye. Or you might notice redness, pain, blurred vision, or a stringy discharge. Some folks find they cannot cry even when they are upset.

Feeling exhausted, like when you have the flu, might mean something is going on with the body’s defenses. Sleep isn’t likely to help. Your muscles or joints may also ache. Again, there might be several other reasons why you might feel this way.

Mild Fever

If you are running a higher temperature than you usually do, it might be that the immune system is beginning to overwork. This may occur due to an oncoming infection or because you are beginning to have a flare up of an autoimmune condition.


Within some instances, headaches may be associated with the immune system. For instance, it might be vasculitis– inflammation of a blood vessel that is caused by an autoimmune disease or infection


The skin is the body’s initial barrier against germs. How it feels and looks may reflect how well the immune system is doing its job.

Red, dry, itchy skin is a common inflammation symptom. So, it’s a rash that’s painful or does not clear up. People who have lupus oftentimes get a butterfly-shaped rash around their cheeks and nose.

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