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5 Benefits of Omega 3

You have likely heard of how omega-3 fatty acids are great for the heart, yet there’s a lot more to the powerful health superheroes. If you suffer with high cholesterol, and your physician is holistically-minded, you might’ve even been advised to take omega-3 supplements. There are advantages of omega-3….

Decreased Inflammation

Omega-6 and omega-3 are like the body’s commanding generals. Omega-6 stimulates the body’s natural inflammatory immune response, whereas omega-3 reduces and soothes the inflammatory response as the danger passes. Both fatty acids are critical to a healthy body, yet the issue is that we have way too much omega 6 and not enough omega 3 in the food sources we consume. In taking more omega 3, the body’s capability of managing its inflammatory response dramatically improves, and the omega 6 inside the body moves closer to a healthy balance with omega 3.

Decreased Risk of Dementia

Omega 3 is crucial for selective blood clotting, as well as for building cellular membranes inside the brain. Research has proven that folks who consume fish weekly have a recued risk of developing dementia. Therefore, not just will omega 3 protect the heart, it additionally protects the brain.

Smarter Children

If a mom takes omega-3 while pregnant, the IQ of your child may be increased by over 3-1/2 points. Forget listening to Mozart, simply consume more nuts, fish, seaweed, seeds, free-range poultry then replace your supermarket red meat with grass-fed beef and wild game, which contain more omega-3 than factory farmed beef.

Decrease Blood Pressure

Research shows that high dose omega 3 supplements alone significantly can lower blood pressure. For the complete high blood pressure solution, blend omega 3 through supplements and food with reduced salt, increased exercise, and reduced sugar consumption, decreased stress and diversified and increased vegetable intake.

Tasty Food

The most bioavailable type of omega 3, which means the type your body may use the best, is from food sources, and not supplements. The advantage here is that as you receive your omega-3 through food, you also are benefitting from the social medicine of eating with your family members, the robust taste of most food sources of omega 3, the extra advantage of the many additional nutrients in high-quality food, and empowerment which comes along with understanding how to use food as medicine.

The best dietary omega-3 sources are fatty fish such as mackerel, salmon, sardines and herring, grass-fed beef and poultry, wild game, spinach, pastured eggs, seaweed, Brussel’s sprouts, nuts and seeds.

However, for most of us, food sources of medicine are not enough. If you require more omega-3 make certain you receive quality omega-3. Poor-quality omega-3 may just be the most toxic thing to find at the local health food store. High-quality fish oils get harvested from sustainable fisheries, distilled molecularly, as well as filtered to make sure of purity and maximize the extraction of pesticides, heavy metals, PCB’s, solvents, and additional contaminants.

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