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Top 4 Nutrition False Claims

Below we list the top 4 nutrition false claims:

Myth 1: Our Metabolic Rates Are Unchangeable

There are a variety of factors which influence our metabolism. Factors involve medications, age, hormonal changes, genetics, percentage of body fat, thermal effect of food, etc. The fact is that we’re able to increase metabolism by boosting lean muscle mass. Put plainly, muscle will burn more calories/hour than fat. Folks who have muscular, lean bodies need more calories to work than those who have a greater body fat percentage.

Muscle tissue burns 7 – 10 calories daily/ pound. Fat just burns 2 – 3 calories daily/ pound. So, the best method of benefitting from the calorie-burning possibility of your muscles includes getting moving and using them regularly.

Myth 2: Consuming Anything Non-GMO, Organic, and/or ‘Natural’ will mean it is healthy

The theory for most is that if it stemmed from the earth, it should be good for us. That is a fact if you are referring to fresh produce. It is another story as you shine a spotlight upon non-GMO, processed organic, or ‘natural’ food sources. Regardless if it is non-GMO and organic, processed food’s processed food. Folks usually eat more with the idea that if it is natural, it is healthy.

Processed food sources encourage weight gain because they are low in fiber and nutrients and high in carbs and sugar. Eating too many processed foods may promote inflammation and insulin resistance.

Myth 3: Bottled Juice May Substitute for Fruit Consumption

The unfortunate fact is that juice is simply sugar water. Consuming an entire fruit gives the body more antioxidants, fiber, minerals, vitamins, and less calories, compared with consuming fruit juice.

One other downside of bottled juice is its oxidation. Oxidation involves the loss of electrons by an atom, molecule, or ion and is related to taking electrons from an additional molecule, thereby oxidizing that molecule. Oxidation, in other words, causes the loss of nutritional value of a vegetable or fruit. One great example of oxidation is seeing the inside of an apple turn brownish because of exposure to air for far too long. Oxidation happens the minute you begin juicing. It’s why it’s vital to consume the juice directly after making it.

My juice suggestions are juice that is made from fresh vegetables or fruits granted you are purchasing juice that is made on the spot or creating your own juice.

Myth 4: Protein Bars Are an Excellent protein Source

Most protein bars are just glorified candy bars which may counteract your exercise routine. Even though a bar has “protein” that is advertised on its wrapper, it does not mean the bar has a lot of it. The fact is, most protein bars have less than 5 g of protein containing more sugar than a regular candy bar.

Read the ingredients and labels listed on a protein bar. To provide your muscles the protein needed for post-workout recovery, I suggest choosing a protein bar that has at least 12 g of protein and fewer than 7 g of sugar/ serving.

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