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Sleep Patterns: Are they Healthy?

Most folks consider their sleep patterns to be normal. Your present sleep pattern might be usual for you yet that doesn’t mean it’s healthy, or good. Do you struggle to fall to sleep because your mind is wandering? Here we list the common causes of poor sleeping cycles:

Poor habits

It’s number one because it’s too easy in this informational era to be in front of a screen (television, laptop, computer, tablet, or phone) until directly before laying your head on your pillow. Screen time may be detrimental to sleep patterns for a few reasons. One includes the blue light that is emitted from the screens disrupts your usual circadian rhythms and may make it hard to get to sleep. One other is dependent upon the content. An overabundance of stimulation may be taxing to the brain before bed. Get a mental inventory of your regimen and give consideration to a shift so you have a few hours before resting to wind down… away from the blue light. Alternatively, think about getting blue light blocking glasses or you can download programs on your devices which block the blue light for you. Although it might seem obvious, it is worth noting that a consistent, good bedtime also is important.

Lack of Earth and Sunshine

This might stem mostly from our worldview, yet studies are beginning to back up the concept that people need more engagement with nature. There now are more than 20 studies published on the health advantages of touching the earth. Not simply going for stroll and breathing the air yet literally placing bare skin upon the earth. Leather moccasins also work. One of the most typical reports of the ones who begin to try to “ground” more is less pain and better sleep. Sunshine will go along with “grounding” or “earthing”. Sleep quality has been associated with enough vitamin D and the best vitamin D source is sunshine. Also, sunshine in daylight hours helps circadian rhythms remain healthy. Being indoors with artificial light all day long isn’t natural. Therefore, kick your shoes off in the middle of the day and go for a brief walk outdoors if you can!


Commonly prescribed medicines might be the culprit. Even though there are several more, here’s a list of multiple medications which have insomnia as a possible side effect:

• Statins (for high cholesterol)
• Chondroitin/glucosamine (for joint pains)
• H1 antagonists (for allergies)
• Cholinesterase inhibitors (medication for Alzheimer’s)
• ARBs (medications for blood pressure)
• ACE inhibitors (meds for blood pressure)
• SSRI antidepressants (meds for depression/anxiety)
• Corticosteroids (used oftentimes for anti-inflammatory purposes)
• Beta-blockers (meds for blood pressure)
• Alpha-blockers (for prostate and blood pressure problems)

Our suggestion is to first concentrate on lifestyle changes, as aforementioned. Plus, if you have suspicions that your sleep disturbance is a lot more complicated, allow us to dig deeper with a complete Functional Medicine Consult and check what we’re able to uncover.

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