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Why Should You Choose Gluten Free Products?

What is all the hype about consuming gluten-free products? We cannot talk about food, until we discuss the gut, because the brain and the gut have this cool relationship and they talk with each other. Haven’t you ever heard “my gut is telling me…?” It is true, and it is scientifically proven.

The gut, or the intestinal tract, assists in filtering out all of the impurities, keeping the good in and the bad out. Additional things affect the lining of the gut, everything from toxins, stress, and medicines, not to mention the unhealthy items such as alcohol, sugar, and preservatives. And while consuming non-organic meat, we additionally get all of those antibiotics the animal received, into our system, making our gut bacteria unhealthy, unbalanced, and perhaps wiping all the probiotics out that we took all together.

Due to all this, the gut’s lining gets thin, and as this occurs, tiny holes may begin to appear. Ultimately, all the stuff that is meant to stay inside, begins to leak out into your bloodstream. It’s defined as a leaky gut. What makes it worse is that the immune system is inside the lining of your intestinal tract.

Perhaps you consume alcohol without any problem. Typically, one or two drinks after work is normal, and perhaps more than that on weekends. However, one day you consume a couple of sips and you’re already drunk. What just happened? Over a period of time, these “holes” appeared inside the gut, and those couple of sips went right into the bloodstream. It’s both dangerous and unhealthy! Alcohol is a simple example, yet the same thing occurs as you consume white anything…wheat, sugar, pasta and white bagels over a period of time.

Therefore, if there are “holes” inside the intestinal tract, there are “holes” inside the immune system, which makes you vulnerable to chronic health issues. Here at the Imagine Wellness, we see this too often. Most diseases mask themselves with additional names, yet the core of the issue is inside the gut. Good News!! These “holes” may be fixed!

However, it takes patience, and time. You know you have been consuming food this way for years, perhaps decades, and you have to have realistic expectations about the process of healing. As the body is within this state, it basically us a broken-down Lamborghini. You’d think it is a crime to allow a Lamborghini to rust outside when it ought to be treasured, and kept safe inside a garage, treated with the proper care.

Within this healing stage, you have to eat differently and be dedicated to it. Just determine what type of vehicle you want to drive. It’s where consuming gluten free products begins, and within the process, you are eliminating the inflammation all over your body, particularly in the gut. Imagine inflammation like getting a splinter inside your finger. It’s so painful and annoying; it is difficult to concentrate on anything else.

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