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When Should you Detox?

Do you feel a little achy, run-down, and not quite yourself lately, even though you just cannot seem to figure out why? You might even have additional symptoms like difficulty losing weight, brain fog, muscle fatigue, constipation, unpleasant body odors, smelly breath, or acne outbreaks—all of which might point to one thing: Your body needs to be detoxed.

As you take a proactive approach to detox, there are a few symptoms that indicate you have to do one.

Below we list some of the most common signs that indicate toxic buildup in the body, even though there might be other symptoms, too:

• Body odor—As toxins accumulate inside your system to the point that the body’s natural filtration cannot remove them quickly enough, it’ll cause smelly perspiration, bad breath, and acidic-smelling feces and urine. It’s when the body’s excretion systems—also known as the bowel and urinary systems—have become so backed up that they’re clogged, and the body starts to go through other ways to rid itself of toxins, which essentially are rotting inside the body. It may mean extracting toxins through excess saliva or perspiration, which is the reason why stinky pits and stinky breath mean it is time to detoxify!
• Brain fog—The more neurotransmitters are researched, the more proof there is of them originating inside the gut before they are sent to your brain. The “gut-brain connection” might explain the relation of mental fatigue, brain fog, and depression with a necessity to detox.
• Muscle fatigue and aches—Besides general fatigue from bad health associated with toxic buildup, the existence of mycotoxins from water-born molds also has been discovered to be a typical reason for aching joints, muscle aches, and fatigue.
• Chemical sensitivities—Within today’s world, we’re becoming more and more exposed to chemical toxins that may build up to the point that they overpower your immune system then become allergens. It essentially can be considered as the body saying “Enough!” and may cause several unpleasant and dangerous symptoms, like a headache, rash, sneezing, asthma, and runny nose.
• Gas, bloating, and constipation—Toxic buildup inside the body may lead to an imbalance of advantageous gut bacteria. It may cause constipation, bloating, and gas, and may lead to much worse health issues, like diabetes or cancer.
• Weight gain – Toxins build up inside the fat cells and liver, and it may cause the metabolism to slow down, and lead to unexplained weight gain. Hypothyroidism also can lead to weight gain; therefore, if you have not had your thyroid function evaluated, it’d be useful to do so. If you’re on thyroid supplementation and have good thyroid function, toxic overload might be the underlying cause of the weight gain.

In addition, heavy metal contamination may lead to abdominal cramps and constipation, as well as several other dangerous mental and health problems.

Here’s the good news: whether you’re experiencing an imbalance of probiotics, or if extended exposure to lead or additional heavy metals has left the system contaminated, a cleanse will help.

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