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Breast Health Tips

While most of our clients already are working to balance their thyroid, adrenal, and sex hormones, I believe it’s vital to talk about breast health. It might be the elephant in the room since all people avoid the “C” term, cancer. In the year 2017, it was reported that there were 253,000 new invasive breast cancer cases in females, and 2,500 in males.

Healthy female breasts have several parts referred to as lobes which are comprised of smaller parts named lobules. The lobules generate breast milk and that usually is where cancer may start to form. Inside the breast, there’s a lymphatic system which sits within the adipose “fatty” tissue. The lymphatic system is a portion of a network that’s part of your immune system and will distribute particles from your breast to the lymph which assists in draining excess of toxins, fluids, as well as waste elements. The breast network includes lymph nodes, nerves, blood vessels and some connective and fatty tissue. Male breasts are identical to female breasts with the exception that lobules in men aren’t specific and can’t generate milk. The breast doesn’t contain muscles, yet it sits on the top of the muscle of the chest wall, referred to as the pectoris.

6 Breast Health Tips

1. Having a healthy lifestyle may assist in promoting breast and general health for any person. It’s a difficult task, as we’ve become a fast-past society. We do not always make time to prepare food at home, to shop various organic vegetables and fruits, and we’re oftentimes too busy to dedicate ourselves to a day-to-day exercise routine. Aim for thirty minutes of moderate exercise on a daily basis and get more fiber-rich food sources and cruciferous veggies in your diet, like Brussels sprouts and broccoli, that assist in promoting healthy paths of estrogen metabolism.

2. Correct lymphatic drainage and detoxification: Drinking a lot of water, consuming plenty of fiber and avoiding pesticides assists in promoting toxin elimination. But, we also suggest a regimen of dry skin brushing, as well as regular FAR infrared sauna use to aid in draining and eliminating toxins.

3. Accomplish hormone balance, as well as avoid exposure to xenoestrogens or hormone disruptors like parabens, plastics, synthetic fragrances, pesticides, etc.

4. Have routine breast exam/screenings on an annual basis.

5. Support your immune system by consuming more antioxidant-rich food sources like cacao, berries, kale, etc. Consumer green tea on a daily basis. If you’re ill often, think about addressing food and airborne allergies then rule out potential exposure to mold. The more colorful your diet, the more nutritious it is.

6. Do not get breast implants. Consider it and speak to your provider if you have breast implants or you’re contemplating getting them. A few professionals speculate that this might trigger autoimmune conditions, cause immune suppression, and be an emphasis for mold growth. It might be worth considering breast implant removal if your health is declining after putting in breast implants and it isn’t improving in spite of your efforts.

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