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The Signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Medical science has advanced leaps and bounds over the last century. Diseases we didn’t even have names for are now known and treatable, and patients have access to a wide variety of different types of care. There are, however, still mysteries within the medical community; one such mystery is leaky gut syndrome. We know that it exists, and we have some idea what causes it, but it’s not an issue that can simply be treated by a series of pills. The running theory is that most leaky gut is caused by intestinal permeability, meaning the walls of the intestines let substances that should become waste leak into the bloodstream. Despite not knowing it’s exact causes, we know leaky gut is real, because of a host of similar self-reported signs. Today, we’ll look at some symptoms of leaky gut syndrome.

First, we can see digestive issues related to leaky gut.  This means diarrhea, bloating, constipation and other unpleasant digestive concerns can occur. The improper processing of nutrients can also lead sufferers of leaky gut to crave carbs and sugar, as the body attempts to get the nutrients that have leaked through the intestinal walls before proper digestion.

Secondly, we see symptoms relating to improper nutrition. It is not at all uncommon to see a compromised immune system in leaky gut patients, which can lead to a host of other difficulties. Improper digestion can also create chronic fatigue, headaches, memory loss and even anxiety or depression. When the body is low on nutrients, it has to compensate in other areas; it becomes harder for our minds to work effectively when our bodies are nutrient-starved. This can cause a vicious cycle, where fatigue and the side-effects from medication dissuade us from making appropriate lifestyle changes, and the lack of lifestyle changes further aggravates the symptoms of leaky gut.

The symptoms of leaky gut are very diverse, and many physicians will try to simply treat the symptoms instead of addressing the whole problem. Chronic fatigue may be chalked up to insufficient sleep, and dietary concerns may be treated with over the counter medication, but when these issues become chronic in spite of medication, it’s clear there’s something deeper going on. This is why a holistic approach to health is essential; dietary changes, for example, can seriously reduce the symptoms of leaky gut. Making a plan with a team of specialists can help keep you on track to improving your overall health, and every step towards improved health makes the next step easier.

When you have some combination of the above symptoms, it’s essential to get to the root of the problem. Contact us at Imagine Wellness, and we’ll dive into exactly what might be causing your symptoms, leaky gut or otherwise, and investigate all the steps you can take to live a better, healthier lifestyle, whatever those steps may be. We are your source for integrative medicine in San Antonio, and we’ll be happy to help you in every way we can.

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