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What are the Benefits of Functional Medicine?

Functional medicine introduces a radically different approach to conventional tactics. Instead of merely solving the current problem, functional medicine aims to determine the real cause of the ailment. While this can ultimately prevent the illness from worsening, it can also keep it from becoming a recurring problem. This approach is fundamentally different than traditional practices, so it makes sense that patients would have a unique set of benefits from this approach.

Have you ever wondered whether you could benefit from functional medicine? Everyone can gain something from this practice, but here are just a few of the benefits you may want to consider.

Individualized Approach

Conventional medicine usually takes a close look at the symptoms you are experiencing and prescribes a drug to treat them. They might take any allergies and medical history into account, but not much more is discussed. There are only a few accepted ways to treat a specific issue, so doctors very rarely stray from this well-worn path.

In contrast, functional medicine takes a more individualized approach to your healthcare. A functional medicine doctor takes a closer look at your overall lifestyle and habits before deciding how to treat you. They may examine your sleep habits, the level of stress in your life, and other important factors that can affect your health. Based on these unique considerations, they can come up with the perfect path for you.

Preventative Mindset

If you are a patient to a conventional doctor, you probably only go to visit them whenever something is bothering you. These types of doctors react to the symptoms that are already presenting themselves. Functional medicine takes the opposite approach and tries to prevent issues from ever occurring. This might mean taking supplements on a daily basis, practicing mindfulness exercises, and getting the right nutrients from your diet. You can live a healthier life for longer periods of time with this simple approach. The more preventative steps you can take, the healthier you will become over the years.

Few Side Effects or Invasive Procedures

Are you worried about how many prescriptions and invasive procedures your doctor is prescribing for you? Functional medicine treatments usually offer very few side effects and few invasive procedures unless they are absolutely necessary. Doctors in this discipline tend to believe that it is far better for patients to take less invasive and drastic measures to balance out their body. Many recommend achieving balance through diet and exercise. In other words, patients can become a part of the process to heal themselves instead of relying on modern medicine to do all of the heavy lifting.  

Functional medicine has some real advantages that are better for your long-term health. All you need to do is find the best clinic for functional medicine located near you. Imagine Wellness Centre would love to help you come up with a plan to find healing and hope now with a lifestyle plan. Contact us to set up your consultation with an experienced functional medicine professional!  


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