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The Five Principles of Functional Medicine

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Choosing the right kind of medicine to keep yourself healthy requires a lot of research and studying. You have to be sure that your doctor will be taking a holistic look at your health and the things that your body ultimately needs. Functional medicine promises a comprehensive evaluation that includes a clinical approach, the environmental influences, and imbalances in the body. This practice is based on five major principles. These are the basic tenets that allow the doctors to keep you healthy.

If you’re ready to take a better look at your health, you need to research what functional medicine can truly offer. Take a closer look at what the five principles of functional medicine have to offer you with this handy guide.

Everyone is completely unique

Functional medicine understands that every patient is going to be completely different from the one the doctor saw before. You will have a unique genetic predisposition to certain diseases, a unique selection of hormones, and even variations of symptoms. This mindset is important because it sets the stage for how you will be treated. Functional medicine doctors believe in treating the patient and bolstering up the body’s natural systems instead of focusing on eradicating the disease itself.

Medicine should be based on science

Despite the non-traditional approach, functional medicine is still very science-based. Your doctor should be up-to-date on all of the latest research and studies to provide you with the best care. They believe that every reaction in your body is connected to something else, giving them deeper insight into your overall functioning.

Your body can self-regulate

Functional medicine definitely believes that your body can think for itself and self-regulate. This means that your body systems should be able to function completely on their own without assistance from an outside influence. By promoting the health of the entire body, doctors can keep out unwanted diseases and intruders.

Your body can heal itself and prevent signs of aging

Wouldn’t it be great if your body never showed the signs of aging? Functional medicine believes that you can do this very thing by giving the body what it needs to heal itself. It may need more support through exercise, nutrition, and other lifestyle changes. However, it is still possible to allow your body to work to heal itself naturally and prevent signs of aging.

Health means vitality

One of the major principles of functional medicine is that health means you have greater vitality. You should have a zest for life that makes you feel more robust and youthful. Other branches of medicine view health solely as the eradication of disease. Our functional medicine patients get so much more than simply a disease-free life.

If you are ready to experience everything that functional medicine has to offer, it’s time to make your first visit. We will assess all of the major components of your health and develop a program that works to improve your lifestyle. Give us a call at Imagine Wellness Centre, the best functional medicine clinic in San Antonio!

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