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Changing Your Lifestyle is Highly Rewarding

You know that making major changes to your lifestyle can result in better health, an improved mood, and greater overall satisfaction. The specific changes you need to make might vary based on your current lifestyle. Maybe you need to think about getting more exercise or radically changing your diet. No matter what the unique changes you need to make may be, it’s time for you to realize what the real rewards are.

What can you gain from changing your lifestyle? Based on the research, you might be gaining more than you thought possible.

Two Types of Rewards

According to research done by Harvard Medical School, most people will categorize their rewards into one of two categories – hedonia and Eudaimonia rewards. Both categories offer something different to the person who makes the changes. However, we should be encouraging people to earn more Eudaimonia rewards instead.

Hedonia rewards are generally short-term accomplishments that make you feel better about yourself. These are the things that tend to motivate most people to make a change in the very beginning. You can lose weight, improve your appearance, or gain the approval of your friends and family when you make these small changes.  

Eudaimonia rewards are long-term items that give you a greater sense of wellness in every area of your life. They can help you to feel like you are personally growing and evolving in a way that benefits you. When you tap into the power of these long-term rewards, you become more motivated to maintain the lifestyle changes you implemented. These rewards encourage you to tap into your meaning for life and how these changes can further your purpose.

Tie Your Rewards Together

One easy way to change your lifestyle (and stick with it) would be to tie these two types of rewards together. For example, a major commitment that many people make is to lose a few pounds. In the short run, this means that they can wear a smaller size and appear more attractive to their friends and family. This might be all they need to motivate them in the very beginning. However, they will eventually have to look deeper in order to sustain their weight loss.

Losing the weight also helps them to lower their risk of heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and other common ailments associated with being overweight. When they make healthy food and exercise choices, they are committing to their long-term goal of being around for their children as long as possible. They can gain a greater peace of mind that they are making the small decisions that up to their own desire for a life well lived.

Choosing to make lifestyle changes can be essential to achieving a feeling of wellbeing. With these reward systems in mind, you can feel more content and can consistently stick to your changes. Let Imagine Wellness Centre’s integrative medicine clinic help you to make some wise decisions about how you can change your lifestyle today. With our help, you can look at the five major components of your health to determine the next best steps for your body.

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