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What Is Integrative Medicine And Why It’s Good

To paraphrase the WHO (World Health Organization) definition of the word “health,” a healthy human being does not only mean a person without sickness or illness, it also says the individual is in a sound state regarding physical, mental, and social well-being.

How’s that for breaking your mindset about what being healthy should look like? If the WHO, which is the most significant health authority on the planet, looks at good health as not just physical but also the non-physical aspects of life, then shouldn’t we also do the same?

This is what integrative medicine is all about.

What Is Integrative Medicine And Why It’s Good

Modern Medicine

Let’s make this clear: This is not to put down modern medicine. On the contrary, modern medicine has journeyed far and continues to journey. Surgical procedures, medication prescriptions, and physical and occupational therapies ought to receive our gratitude, and for a good reason.

Society today is so engulfed with the thinking being healthy means not being sick, being able to run 10 miles without collapsing or climbing a mountain top without breaking a sweat. All these are fantastic acts of fitness, but they’re not the end-all to tell if a person is healthy.

Better Alternative

What is integrative medicine? Some people also call it holistic or functional medicine. This is the mindset that healing, rehabilitation, and even daily regular living is a continuous and connected process.

Now before you say this is just yoga-inspired thinking, let me clarify that integrative medicine doesn’t discount modern medicine.

In fact, this method of wellness living integrates the best of both worlds, hence the word “integrative.” This method highlights the importance of healing not just the body, but the emotional, mental and social issues which ultimately are connected to the physical aspects.

Ask doctors how stress affects your physical body if you need more evidence because integrative medicine evaluates needs and then uses the medication, treatments or methods of both modern medicine and alternative therapies to do what is best for the patient.


This means merely teaching the patient how to go through a routine day and learning coping strategies which prevent them from overstressing or over-worrying about specific situations which are usually beyond their control.

The mental exercises and the emotional catharsis, when combined with regular exercise and balanced diet, is a tremendous immune system that prevents the physical body from easily getting sick or infected with the stuff that would typically hit us when our holistic person is not entirely fit.

Health and Wellness What is Integrative Medicine

Try It Today

If you doubt this kind of treatment works, or if you think this is just to get you to enroll in a wellness center, do some research. Try it for a few sessions, and you might change your attitude.

There are holistic centers which can explain what is integrative medicine; they can give more detailed processes and most of all, they do genuinely care about your overall well-being. Try it and if it doesn’t work for you, just remember that health is not just physical, WHO said so.

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