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Understanding Alternative Medicine

Capsules, tablets, syrup, are just a few of the conventional medicines that our doctors prescribed to us. If you are diagnosed with hypertension, the doctors will prescribe you 3 to 4 types of tablets which you should take once or twice daily. Conventional medicines are made to stop pains or regulate blood pressure, but the illness is still there.

These medicines are mere painkillers, but aside from that, there’s nothing in it. And, what is wrong with pharmaceutical companies is that they are preventing people to use alternative medicines.

All of these don’t require any conventional medicines


So, what is alternative medicine?

Alternative medicine is a practice or a product that is not part of any standard medical practice. Standard practice is what your medical doctors told you to do. They prescribed your conventional medicines.

Alternative medicine and therapy is part of Holistic treatments. It means that Holistic practitioners use techniques that will encourage patients to be responsible for their health. Unlike conventional doctors who are only giving their patient’s prescribed medicines and that’s it.

Here are types of alternative medicine; Acupuncture, chiropractic, Energy therapies, herbal medicine, and Therapeutic touch. All of these don’t require any conventional medicines. Unlike in complementary treatment where the patient gets both conventional and alternative medicines.

Acupuncture – A Chinese alternative medicine where the practitioner is using needles to stimulate points in our body. The acupuncture needles stimulate the anatomic sites and trigger the natural healing process of the body. Some of the benefits of acupuncture treatment are proper digestion, eliminates sleep disorder, and improves the sense of well-being.

Chiropractic – Chiropractic treatment is focused on improving the structure of the body, mainly on healing the spine. Spinal manipulation is beneficial to those who experienced back pain, headaches, joint disorder specifically in the lower extremities.
Energy therapies – This kind of treatment is gentle because all you have to do is to clear out memories which cause tension to your health. And, you can do this through human energy. After this treatment, you’ll feel relaxed, healthy and balanced.

Herbal Medicine – Commonly used treatment is by taking herbal medicines. These are processed from dried roots, leaves, berries, and flowers. It is well known for treating diseases or illnesses like, cough, headaches, allergies, stomach pains and many more.

Therapeutic touch – This treatment requires the human touch. The practitioner basically moves his hands back and forth unto the patient’s body. This treatment releases a relaxing feeling which reduces anxiety.

What alternative medicine will you choose?

Of the given alternative medicines above, which one would you think is the best option for you? All of the alternative medicines or treatments can be tried and tested because there are no known side effects that will occur on your body, unlike taking different brands of conventional medicines.

If you think acupuncture gives more visible result than touch therapy, then go for it. All you need to keep in your mind is to be responsible with your body. Alternative medicines and conventional medicines won’t be as effective as they are if you still continue living an unhealthy lifestyle.

there are no known side effects


At Imagine Wellness Center your life is well-balanced

Give it a try now and see to yourself how alternative medicine at Imagine Wellness Centre can heal your body. What we give you is holistic treatment, it means, we are not only giving you the medicine but we will also check the history of your life. In this method, we could perfectly understand you.

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