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What If I Stop Drinking Milk?

When it comes to your diet, you don’t have to search long to find conflicting advice about what’s best for your body. You might find that one expert recommends a meal plan high in meats while others recommend cutting out meat altogether. Dairy products are another one of the most controversial food items concerning dieticians and holistic health practitioners today.

Many people aren’t aware of what will actually happen if they stop drinking milk. Before you decide to jump aboard the dairy-free bandwagon, you should know these key changes your body will experience as a result.

You lower your risk of cancer

Dairy products, particularly milk, have often been tied to a number of long-term health issues like cancer. When you stop drinking a glass of milk each day, you will decrease your risk of ovarian and prostate cancer significantly. This is likely a direct result of those pesky hormones that milk is laden with.

You reduce your risk of death

Chances are that you never thought about the fact that milk could put you into an early grave.  This is an unfortunate reality for individuals who drink a lot of milk. One study even points to the fact that you decrease your risk of dying early by 15 percent for every glass of milk you cut out of your diet. This certainly seems like one major reason to make the switch to dairy-free alternatives.

You will need to add more probiotics

Milk is a natural source of healthy probiotics that your body needs to function well. The bacteria in your gut can play a role in your overall health, as well as in your mood and behavior. When you have a low diversity and bacteria count, you might experience some unwanted side effects like constipation and depression. You will need to find new ways to substitute probiotics into your diet with over-the-counter supplements or foods like pickles and sauerkraut.

Your skin will suddenly clear up

Those chemicals in cow’s milk could be attributing to your skin problems and acne breakouts more than you think. Studies are showing that children and adults who cut dairy out of their diet might see significantly clearer skin. This can also be true for individuals who suffer from conditions other than acne, including psoriasis or chronic skin rashes. Instead of taking medication and trying store-bought creams, you might be able to resolve your skin issues by nixing the milk.

Your digestive system can slow down

The majority of adults are shown to have some degree of lactose intolerance. This can result in a wide variety of gut-related problems ranging from diarrhea to extreme stomach cramps when you consume a glass of milk. Cutting dairy out of your diet allows your digestive system to rest and process your food better in the days ahead.

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