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Top 3 Reasons to Choose Integrative Medicine in San Antonio

According to Texas Department of State Health Services, 166,059 Texan residents died in 2010. The top cause of death is heart disease (22.9%), followed by malignant neoplasms (22.1%). Other reasons are cerebrovascular diseases, accidents and chronic respiratory diseases come after.

Statistics show that about 20 percent Texans perceived that their health is not good. This figure refers both to their mental and physical health for the past five days or more. Various underlying factors may cause this perception.

Integrative medicine in San Antonio is a holistic medicine in healing. This approach addresses the full range of physical, emotional, mental, social, spiritual and environmental factors affecting one’s health.

Below are the top three reasons to choose Integrative Medicine in San Antonio.

Top 3 Reasons to Choose Integrative Medicine in San Antonio

The Key Principles of Integrative Medicine

In integrative medicine, the patient and practitioner work hand in hand throughout the healing process. There are healthy discussions and open communication. The patient’s preferences about their health wellness are taken into account.

Factors that may influence the health of the patients is taken into consideration. This practice includes the body, mind, spirit and even the environment.

Integrative medicine applies the appropriate use of both conventional and alternative approaches to facilitate body’s innate healing response. There is no one way to improve the health and wellness of a person. Determining the right combination of the different approaches to achieve healing is the heart of integrative medicine.

Effective, natural and less invasive interventions should be used when possible. Risks are potential to all medications. Thus, change of lifestyle and lowest doses of medication is vital.

Good medicine is based on good science. Lack of evidence does not always mean it won’t work.

Integrative medicine focused on promoting good health promotion and as well as diseases prevention. This approach is about doing everything possible to stay healthy.

Lastly, practitioners should walk the talk.

Integrative Medicine Compared to Other Types of Medicines in San Antonio

Maybe you have met several terms outside regular medical care practices.

Fits is the conventional medicine, this is what you obtain from health care professionals. Alternative medicine, on the other hand, is used instead of the regular medical care. An example is going on a special diet to cure cancer than taking traditional ways prescribed by a doctor.

The third is the complementary medicine commonly used alongside traditional medicine.

Then the integrative medicine. This approach takes the most effective treatments from different disciplines. This practice involves personalized health plans catered to your specific needs.

Shocking Benefits of Integrative Medicine in San Antonio

There are benefits that you could get out of using integrative medicine in San Antonio.

Treatment is not only focused on the treatment of the whole person rather than on the symptoms alone. This approach assesses the issues, looks at the cause and works on it. In the long run, this is more effective since it molds patients to healthier habits.
This approach builds an intimate relationship between the patients and practitioners. There would be a partnership and not just merely getting prescriptions. This practice focuses on taking things one at a time.

Integrative medicine is an exceptional way to address chronic issues. Traditional medication sometimes adds to the burden of the patients because underlying problems are not figured out.

Lastly, doctors would spend more time with patients to understand the patient’s condition. Patients spending more time with their doctors feel better about their treatments received than those not. Integrative medicine attempts to bring balance to your whole body.

Reasons to Choose Integrative Medicine in San Antonio

It’s Not yet Too Late for Your Health

Today, you may be experiencing recurring illness or a family member. It’s not yet too late for your health. Integrative medicine in San Antonio is widely spreading just located in accessible areas.

San Antonio’s integrative medicine clinic offer products and services tailored to you. Through the years, they have been making reviews and research to offer a new program.

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