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Pillars of Holistic Health and Wellness

Health and wellness is, in most cases, defined as the absence of an illness, but it goes further than that.

The term has a different meaning for different people, and that is why holistic health and wellness routines need to be personalized. Holistic health and wellness require more that eating well and working out every day.

There are three main pillars of health and wellness. The pillars are by no means prescriptive, but they guide you towards a simple path into wellness. You will know when you achieve holistic wellness as the pillars below show.

holistic health and wellness routines

Physical and Nutrition Pillar


Most people think of regular exercise when they hear physical well-being. However, your physical wellness includes good hygiene, enough rest and enough shut-eye as well as a balanced diet. Six hours of rest cannot replace six hours of deep sleep.

Nutrition should be personalized based on sex, age, level of activity and physiology. Your plate needs to have fruits and vegetables occupying half its size with the other half having grains and enough portion of proteins.

Unfortunately, about 87 percent of Americans do not get enough fruits according to CDC.

Eat well, exercise adequately and have enough rest and sleep, then repeat the process each day.


Emotional, Social and Spiritual


No matter how healthy you are, if your mind is not at peace, you will never achieve holistic health and wellness. You need to be emotionally stable, something you can get by associating with the right people and keeping your spiritual life well set out.

First off, ensure that you can navigate your feelings and emotions and it is easy to share them with those close to you. Forge positive and productive relationships.

On spirituality, you need to have a sense of purpose and direction. Without spirituality, you lose the values that make you human.

The best way to enhance your social life is to be in social places such as churches and movie theaters. Spend much of your time around positive people who inspire you and not anyone that comes your way.


Intellectual and Financial


You do not have to be a billionaire, but you need enough finances to live a stable life free of unpaid bills so that your mind will be productive and more at ease. Your intellect will help you achieve this, and you need the right environment.

This means more than the buildings in a place; it is the people, the resources and the sense of belonging that a location exudes.

Self-improvement takes time and is a process that never ends. So does learning. Take different courses that interest you and will help you attain this level and pillar of wellness.

achieve holistic health and wellness


How do you achieve holistic health and wellness?


The pillars above should guide you. The trick is in balancing all the above by not giving too much attention to some and neglecting others.

A lot of money without enough exercise or rest is nearly useless, and so are friends when your health is poor due to poor nutrition.  

Start living your life in whole today by adopting the pillars above.

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