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These Holistic Doctors in San Antonio Are Awesome

Holistic medicine in San Antonio is becoming popular more than ever thanks to the natural care and remedies offered by holistic doctors. In the quest of promoting health and wellness, many people consider alternative medicine for its unconventional approach.

Should you decide to seek the services of a holistic doctor in San Antonio, it would be helpful if you do your research and ask for recommendations from your healthcare provider and friends. This way, you’ll be able to get feedback about their previous experiences in holistic medicine. More so, advise your regular physician about your plan of getting an alternative medicine therapy.

These Holistic Doctors in San Antonio Are Awesome

Ayurvedic Physician

Considered as the most ancient type of holistic medicine, ayurveda focuses on the strong elements of earth, fire, air, ether and water. The special aspect of this type of holistic medicine in San Antonio is that ayurvedic physicians can personalize a plan of care by integrating diet and detoxification, yoga and meditation, herbs and massage.

Per studies, ayurveda is helpful in promoting holistic health in San Antonio especially in inflammatory and cardiovascular disorders.

When you look for a holistic doctor in San Antonio for ayurveda, it is recommended that you partner with a practitioner that has impressive credentials. Ayurvedic physicians that hold a doctorate degree from a reputed school or university make an excellent choice.


Originated in Greece, homeopathic medicine is greatly supported by popular actors like Orlando Bloom and Paul McCartney. Governed by the principle of “like cures like” which means that physical illnesses and conditions are cured with substances that produce effects closely related to the suffering.

Homeopath recommends homeopathy in relieving allergies, anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, and nausea.

Holistic doctors in San Antonio like homeopath are expected to discuss with you more than your physical ailments. A homeopath will also ask you about your personality, fears and emotional condition. Even your lifestyle will be checked to assess the right approach in providing holistic health.

Massage Therapist

Massage is increasingly becoming popular in many countries. It is one of the most widely utilized holistic medicine in San Antonio as it relieves body aches, tension and stress. Studies reveal that massage therapists help in alleviating symptoms of pain brought by depression, fatigue and insomnia.

Massage types vary from Swedish to Japanese shiatsu and they offer the same therapeutic effects. Prior to getting a massage in your local area, consult with your doctor if you can do so as there are certain restrictions in this type of alternative medicine.

Pregnant women and people who are hypertensive are restricted to get a massage for health safety concerns.

Health and Wellness Types of Holistic Doctor in San Antonio

Characteristics of a Good Holistic Doctor

In looking for reliable holistic doctors in San Antonio, you have to consider a lot of factors as they have different specializations. Make sure that a holistic doctor that you choose shows a strong commitment to help people.

Note that an efficient naturopathic physician can persuade patient to live active and healthy lifestyles.

In practicing excellent holistic medicine in San Antonio, holistic doctors are expected to display ethics and obeys rules and regulations of the industry. Most importantly, a good holistic doctor must have a wide knowledge of alternative medicine.

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