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What Is So Different About Alternative Medicine?

“You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person I guarantee you’ll win.” One of the most memorable and most powerful lines I’ve ever heard spoken in a movie. If you can’t recall which movie this watch, it was expressed by Robin Williams in Patch Adams. He was a doctor and wanted the patients (with incurable diseases, I might add) that he talked to everyday to not wallow in their inevitable fate, but to live each day appreciative for the opportunity to make others’ lives better.


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Medicine Versus Medicine

If you live in the United States, or have been here for a while now, you know how we are big with medicine and therapeutic stuff. Vitamins, multivitamins, supplements, organic fruits, or how about a combination of organic multivitamin supplement. That’s how crazy this country is when it comes to health/living. Why? Because why not? Who doesn’t want to live longer? I know I do. But if living simply means breathing air and nothing else, that’s not living.


My grandmother used to think like that. She said that if we ever give her medicine that reduces her way of living so much that she is only surviving and not living, then it’s better that she not live at all. That has stuck with me through all these years. And yes, my grandmother passed away living the way she wanted, and leaving in her own terms.


Holistic Approach

The central idea of a holistic approach is to engage or immerse the whole person and not just a particular sickness or a specific health goal. This is the belief that every aspect of the human being (physical, emotional, mental, spiritual) is somehow connected and related to each other’s existence. Too much jargon? Well, let me put it this way.


If you want to treat a person with a specific disease, you just don’t give him a pill to swallow and poof, all is well. Even though the medicine you give him might heal him in the immediate short-term, there is a big change that the disease will come back it he doesn’t change the way he lives. Are you starting to get me now?


Custom-Designed For You

And the best holistic approach would be one that is tailored perfectly for your type of lifestyle and personal preferences. There are many clinics and centres that offer functional medicine, complementary and alternative medicine, and even the aforestated the holistic approach but the best ones work with you to give the best possible healing for you.


Now, let’s get this straight. There is no one-technique-fits-all approach. You have to be pro-active, meaning you have to understand what you need and be disciplined enough and desperate enough to really want to be restored. Surviving is not living; treating a disease is not surviving. Treat the person.


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Try It Now

Imagine Wellness Centre is the leading proponent of complementary and alternative medicine in the San Antonio Area. And the great thing is you can also contact them online, visit them here They have been in the alternative medicine industry since 2007 so you can honestly say that they have learned so much from that experience combined with personal expertise in their field. And the free dinner seminar won’t hurt either. So try it now and be well.

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