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Best Sports to Keep Mind and Body Balanced

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Finding the careful balance between your mind and body is essential to living and maintaining a well-rounded lifestyle. Exercise can often help you to walk this finely-drawn line, but you will need to choose the particular sport very carefully. The structure, routine, and concepts of certain sports make them more likely to encourage the gentle balance between your mind and body. Some of the best sports for this balance include yoga, rock climbing, and running.

Individual sports tend to be best for focusing on the mind-body balance that everyone wants to achieve. Team sports can distract you from the goal at hand by taking your focus away from your inner life. Instead, you might want to try one of these three iconic sports to start putting your focus back on yourself.


Yoga happens to be the quintessential sport for establishing a connection between the mind and the body. As you move through the yoga routine, you are encouraged to link the movement of the body with the breath. You might open the body on an inhale while folding on the exhale. Practitioners must continuously be conscious of their breathing and how it affects the rest of their practice.

Rock Climbing

Rock climbing is an extremely strenuous sport that could be difficult for some individuals at first. However, it is a great option for improving your mind-body balance. It stretches your muscles and physical capabilities to their upper limits while forcing your mind to work on problem-solving. This unique exercise is meant to help improve your brain function and potentially give you the same outcome as a quick cup of caffeine. You learn how to link your physical movements with your mind’s ability to reason for the ultimate connection.


Much like rock climbing, runners must quickly become attuned to their bodies in order to have a successful workout. Regulating your breathing is a necessity for being able to run longer distances at faster paces. Many runners find it helpful to breathe in for two steps and breathe out for two steps. While doing this, they have to constantly check in with most of their core muscle groups and stay conscious of their stride. While running might not be a sport that everyone enjoys, it can certainly help to keep your mind and body balanced.

Depending on your level of physical fitness, you might lean more toward one of these activities than the others. However, all three can provide an extremely rigorous workout that can leave you feeling worn out and help to develop great muscle tone.

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