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Pros and Cons of Homeopathic Medicine

Several therapies are now provided to improve one’s health. Homeopathy is one of the trending therapies in this century and “homeopathy” is a Greek word that means “similar suffering.” It works by providing patients little doses to cause the same symptoms that they are already going through.

For example, if you are suffering from insomnia, you are prescribed to take small amounts of caffeine considering the fact that the larger consumption of such would lead to difficulty in sleeping. Homeopathic medicine works with the belief that a small quantity will trigger the body’s own ability to heal itself.

Remedies are given in doses that are diluted several times. San Antonio functional medicine wellness centre encourage this kind of therapy because they believe the dilution is effective and less prone to any possible risks. But it is also necessary to know the pros and cons of homeopathic medicine.

Pros and Cons of Homeopathic Medicine


In Homeopathic medicine, the side effects are almost little to none. The treatment revolves strongly on the usage of natural ingredients and mostly sourced from minerals or herbal plants. These minerals are diluted for several times so that the intake of the solution will have little to no trace at all. In this form of treatment, you won’t have to worry about the addictive possibilities when taking this form of remedy.

Therefore, you will also not suffer from any symptoms of withdrawal, as you are most likely to experience when consuming known or common medicines. This kind of medicine addresses the root cause of the illness and it slowly works its way on addressing the disease itself other than its symptoms.

The treatment varies per individual in order to properly pinpoint the root cause of the problem and to also ensure that the psychological condition of the patient is stable without being affected by its diseases. Lastly, it can be a treatment that can go well with other prescribed medicines.


Homeopathic medicineOne of the most common criticisms of homeopathic medicine is that there are no proven scientific studies that can back up the positive effects of its treatments. It is also not advertised by the local drug agencies in any country.

This kind of treatment is rare in some countries as well. Homeopathy is not legally regulated and there is no requirement of formal trainings or application to be considered as a homeopathic expert or physician. Moreover, homeopathy can be very expensive and therefore may not be afforded by just any citizen.

The duration of treatment can take a long time which might be crucial considering the cost of the treatment. Since the medical treatment has not be scientifically proven by experts, there is no guaranty that the treatment is effective for every individual.

And if such treatment does not go alongside the traditional medicine, it can worsen the condition of the individual. This means that if you ever intent to try this kind of treatment on your own or by someone who is not really an expert in the field, it can pose risks and danger to your life.

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