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Why Use Holistic Medicine

I have been to many doctors for symptoms of anxiety and sickness throughout my lifetime. If you are like me I am sure you have as well. One thing always seems to be consistent. Typical doctor visits end in medication to treat the symptoms. Over a few months or maybe a year, I end up at the doctor’s office once again with the same symptoms or something else going on.

Why is this? Why do typical medical professionals only seem to treat symptoms and hardly ever dig down to the root of the problem?

Luckily, many years ago I had the chance to meet with a new type of MD, one that practices holistic medicine. I certainly had no clue what the term meant at the time and how it was different from any other physician’s office I had been to in the past.

Holistic medicine takes the approach of medicine to treat symptoms and focuses on the mind and spirit.

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How Holistic Medicine Approaches Anxiety

After years of struggling with anxiety, my newly found holistic doctor took a new approach than I was used to. I learned a great deal about how my sleep patterns affected my stress levels. How the food you eat also has a great deal to do with your stress levels as well.

The more organic and clean foods you eat, the healthier you feel and the less anxiety you have he told me. Honestly, when I first heard that sleep and diet could affect my mood, I highly doubted it. I thought there must be medicine to help and something more has to be wrong with me.

I further learned that exercising several times a week helps drastically in my mood levels. The only real thing wrong with me was my lack of nutrition, sleep, and caring for my body. This was not something a prideful person wants to hear and honestly it sounded remedial.

Can Holistic Medicine Cure Cancer?

I have a lot of friends in the San Antonio area that are still questionable about holistic medicines capabilities. One of the biggest questions I have heard is if holistic medicine can cure cancer. Holistic medicine being an approach to the whole body, mind and spirit can help to cure cancer. However, you cannot use parts of holistic healing to cure cancer on its own.

You still do need medicines and perhaps surgery to remove any signs of the cancer. However, holistic healing can help you to have a better outlook about the cancer itself. Furthermore, the mindset you have is a big determining factor of your healing.

You should not take this as pure medical advice. You do need to still speak with a doctor about your situation. Taking a holistic approach is something I hope you will consider.

many benefits to taking a holistic approach

San Antonio Holistic Medicine Centers

Holistic medicine in San Antonio is becoming more popular. There are many benefits to taking a holistic approach to the underlying illnesses you face instead of just treating the symptoms. In my own journey, holistic healing has helped me deal with my anxiety and live a much happier and healthier life.

If you are interested in speaking to someone about your holistic approach, contact Imagine Wellness Center today and we will help you with the lifestyle you deserve.

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