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Healthy Restaurants : Healthy Options For A Grumbling Stomach

Healthy life is a happy life. Almost everyone is going crazy of this idea that most of us are trying different things just to achieve the Rubenesque figure that we always dreamed of.  I myself is guilty being health conscious freak.

Healthy Restaurants

I tend to stop myself from eating carbs even though my mouth keeps on watering for pizza, burger and fries every date night. My partner would then scrutinize me and even test my patience by ordering beers and fried calamari while I indulge with my lovely greens. Whew.

Fitness hubs are starting to increase in number year per year and there’s no other reason behind it: being healthy with style is now a fad, you may learn more about holistic medicine here. Little that we realize is that not only health spas are booming but also healthy restaurants that mainly offer “healthy options”.

Ever heard of a café that only serves organic ingredients? Probably visited a resto that is made specifically for vegans? These places are starting to steal the spotlight of our all-time favorite diners because of the promise that their menus could bring. Who wants to enjoy munching but still keep their waistlines intact and hearts beating healthy? I do.

Because of the catchy menu outside the stalls and their slogans that will normally show: Almost ZERO calorie, people will normally dig in to it even though the food prices will be at least 30 to 40 percent higher than the usual. One amazing fact about these healthy restaurants is they usually offer a full coarse meal with a calculation of calorie intake per variant. Whether you still want to taste some meaty goodness, or feast on guiltless fish and greens, they will prepare it for you in no time.

One benefit of healthy restaurants is that they mostly use organic ingredients, fresh from the farm. This stuff normally cost twice as much so don’t get too surprised if your bill will go double. If money is not an issue and your priority is the quality of food that you will be eating, these places are the best for you.

Others find it overrated though. I read a funny comment about our local healthy food hub telling that eating there is like paying for a couple of bucks just to have a decent post in Instagram. That can be true actually.

If you are the type of person that does not fancy a salad with lots of herbs and spices, boiled chicken and brown rice, I would recommend that you think twice. Due to lack of tasty options, kids might also not enjoy joining your lunch out to these resto.

Healthy Options For A Grumbling Stomach

Healthy Restaurants try as much as possible not to offer anything that’s fried which on reality, is our children’s favorite. This can cause hiatus and end us sitting with a screaming, unhappy, bored little kid.

Whether you are up for nutrition or just want to experience the new craze in town, I suggest that you do some research first and consider who to bring before jumping in. I know that experience is our best teacher but this one’s pretty straight forward: are you a health guru or a pizza killer? Once you are able to answer, it’s then quick to decide if this place is the one for you.

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