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Dealing with San Antonio Obesity Rates

Obesity is a disease plaguing many states in America, and particularly, the state of Texas has been placed under special attention by the Centers for Diseases Control (CDC) and Prevention because of its relatively high obesity rate.

The San Antonio obesity rates, for example, has been recorded to be unusually high in certain ethnic and racial populations, and overall, the Bexar County (where San Antonio belongs) has recorded the prevalence of being overweight or obese among adults to be more than half (65.7%) of the population. The good news is, this is what the certain clinics such as the San Antonio functional medicine, aims to correct to prevent it from becoming the fattest city in Texas (although it’s already on its way to becoming so).

Just like adult and child obesity in America, the alarming San Antonio obesity rates is one of the health issues in San Antonio which the CDC and other health institutions, aim to correct by implementing strategies which promote healthier lifestyles. Hence, the clamor in curbing adult and child obesity in America and removing it from the list of the fattest cities in Texas is now more apparent than ever.

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How San Antonio Obesity Rates are Faring

As mentioned by CDC reports, San Antonio obesity rates are not performing any better than the entire state of Texas, overall. As mentioned earlier, a whopping 65.7% of adults in the Bexar County is classified as overweight or obese, and similarly, children obesity prevalence has been reported to be 32.4% in 2013 which is higher than the rate of child obesity in America, overall. With the San Antonio obesity rates going up, it has long been considered to be one of the pressing health issues in San Antonio up to this day.


Obesity is One of the Pressing Health Issues in San Antonio

Current reports have indicated how childhood and adulthood obesity is plaguing America and the data gathered from statistics report that the rate in which this is happening is a bit too fast. If the local health community cannot implement preventive measures immediately, the numbers can reach its highest in a few years. The percent of individuals affected by weight-related diseases such as diabetes may increase, thereby indicating that the public should tackle health issues in San Antonio in a way where formulate and support programs which encourage the population from the metro lead to a healthier lifestyle.


Is San Antonio the Fattest City in Texas?

With the facts mentioned earlier, you may be tempted to conclude that San Antonio is the fattest city in Texas, but current reports indicate that it is not although it will be if strategies to curb obesity rate will not be implemented. Hence, the state is now promoting a Science backed program which enables susceptible groups to lead healthier lifestyles to curb the San Antonio obesity rates, today.

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Curbing Adult and Child Obesity in America

Researchers are now aiming to promote drops in national obesity rates by making the public more aware of the risks associated with obesity and by teaching them how to counter it. By leading a healthy lifestyle and by making healthier food choices, the nation could maybe drop its obesity rate to address this health issue sustainably.

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