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Things we Can Learn from the San Antonio Obesity Statistics

Recent reports have placed San Antonio as one of the fattest cities in Texas, given that in 2014 the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District reported that San Antonio’s obesity statistics have gone up.

In this regard, health issues in San Antonio are consequently increasing, and one thing we can learn from the fittest city in America (Minneapolis, Minn.) is to keep options open and integrate solutions such as those in San Antonio functional medicine clinics to help minimize or eradicate the issues.

With this in mind, communities in the state should place an emphasis on the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and promote a healthy lifestyle.

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What the San Antonio Obesity Statistics are Saying

Data from the recent San Antonio obesity statistics have indicated the number of overweight people in one of the most populous cities in the country is increasing at an alarming rate. The number of clinically obese groups have been the highest ever recorded to date, based on San Antonio obesity statistics.

The data recorded by the San Antonio obesity statistics, in turn, may indicate the city is at risk for increasing reports of health issues (in San Antonio), which may mean that the county is facing a possible epidemic, which can affect the community in the long run. So with that said, obesity prevention should be advocated.

Obesity Health Issues in San Antonio

San Antonio is dubbed as one of the fattest cities in America due to the city’s lack of healthy options of food and lifestyle activities. In turn, an adult may be gaining more unwanted weight which can further cause obesity-related health issues in San Antonio, given that it is one of the fattest cities in Texas. With this in mind, some of the obesity health issues in San Antonio include:

  1. Hypertension
  2. Stroke and Heart Disease
  3. Diabetes
  4. Liver problems and Gallstones
  5. Cancer
  6. Gout
  7. And many other associated diseases

With these diseases and obesity health issues in San Antonio in mind, the fattest cities in Texas can certainly learn a thing or two from the fittest city in America.

fattest cities in texas

What the Fattest Cities in Texas can Learn from the Fittest City in America

Minneapolis is considered to be the fittest city in America, and one of thewhich is San Antonio can certainly take a tip or two from them. For one, the fittest states encourage the public to eat healthy foods and lead an active lifestyle by making the city conducive to conduct such activities.

In turn, this has helped adults from this city work efficiently to serve the population in its desire to live healthier lives. The city also promotes or encourages related events which can lead to more physical activity which can help minimize the prevalence of childhood and adult obesity. Great parks, trails, and athletic fields are just some examples.

The recent obesity statistics of San Antonio has given us some fast facts about the epidemic that the city is facing. Several diseases can arise from having an unhealthy weight, and as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. San Antonio can definitely learn from the fittest city in America to help the city promote a healthy and balanced lifestyle for the overall wellness of all its citizens.

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