Dr. J Jimenez, Imagine Wellness Centre

Dr. Julio Jimenez DC

Dr. Julio M. Jimenez DC is the new owner of the successful and renown Dr. Charles Webb's functional wellness center in San Antonio, TX.

He is a graduate of Wichita State University and a doctorate of Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kansas City, MO. His post-graduate studies are in internal disorders - functional medicine; other specialties of practice include nutrition, fitness and neurology.

He practiced in Spain and Kansas for over 14 years, is married to Sandra and has three children. He is passionate to helping people taking control of their health and fitness and is looking forward to help you making that life changing decision.


Dr. Ellen Shrouf PhD

Dr. Shrouf is a licensed psychologist in San Antonio. She has worked in a variety of settings, including medical facilities, schools, non-profits, and private practice as well as adjunct teaching at two area universities. She is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy and is currently working on a book to bring CBT to the self-help literature. Her ReThinking class translates this powerful way of making significant changes for patients engaged in functional medicine.


Sandra Jimenez

Sandra Jimenez is Imagine Wellness's Office Marketing Coordinator and General Administration Manager. She is also Dr. Jimenez's better half and has managed all his practices in Kansas and Spain.

She is a graduate of University of Málaga, Spain where she is from. She loves seeing people get their health back and live life without limitations. She enjoys encouraging and inspiring people to make a change in their lifestyle. She considers priceless to listen to the life changing testimonials from clients who have gone through their programs.


Michelle Scogna

Michelle is the Wellness Experience Coordinator at Imagine Wellness Centre.

She was on Rheumatoid Arthritis medication for 10 years but she is now a incredible testimonial because she took control of her life and has now been off her RA medication for a year! We are so proud of her!! Our clients could not have a better person guiding them on becoming proactive in taking control of their health. She remembers going to the doctor’s office and instead of getting answers or feeling better, they would prescribe her more medications. It was sheer frustration that pushed her to find the answers and naturally reclaim her health, and she is ready to help you as well!!


Pam Lageman

With more than 25 years of experience in office management, Pam Lageman expertly heads the team at Imagine Wellness Centre where she oversees all of the administrative functions as well as the financials.

Prior to joining Imagine Wellness, home for her was in Iowa where she showed her level of expertise in managing successful financial planning and law firm practices. Moving to San Antonio with her husband has been a very exciting opportunity in which she has discovered a more healthy lifestyle working with Dr. Jimenez and his team. Pam is uniquely equipped to serve Imagine Wellness’ clients with her knowledge and expertise.

Needless to say, she is passionate about watching people take control of their health (you will see her with a big smile most of the time). She believes that a good practice is built by having good relationships with staff and clients. She looks forward to helping you achieve your health goals and making it a lifestyle change.